EVO 200 Inclined Platform Stair Lift

EVO 200 Inclined Platform Stair Lift

The EVO 200 Inclined Platform Stair Lift provides a flexible, discreet and economical solution to meet a wide variety of disabled and wheelchair access needs. Easy to install, this inclined platform stairlift can be used on virtually any straight single flight staircase.

Benefits of the EVO 200

  • A variety of lift platform sizes and a multitude of applications
  • Able to meet many disability access lift requirements both internal and external
  • Discreet fold-away lift platform when parked
  • Fits seamlessly into any building with minimal impact on staircase usage
  • Cost-effective, requiring minimal building work
  • Wall or stanchion-mounted rail system
  • Overall low maintenance and running costs

Brochure and Specifications

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