Hands Up: Who Wants a Lift?!

Added on 04 April 2011
Hands Up: Who Wants a Lift?!

The Client:
Epsom Downs Primary School and Children’s Centre in Surrey is a thriving, inspirational environment for over 350 children aged from three months to eleven years. Focused on offering a high quality education in a welcoming and professional environment where children and their families grow in learning and confidence, the centre also provides day nursery, breakfast, after-school and holiday clubs for play and recreation.

The Problem:
When a ten year old wheelchair-bound student came to Epsom Downs in January 2011, Diane Welch, the school’s Special Needs Co-ordinator, worked to ensure that the student’s needs were fully catered for. However there was one major hurdle: the premises comprise two buildings joined together via an orangery, requiring the use of five steps to move between them. Whilst this situation was not insurmountable (it was possible to move freely between the buildings outside), it wasn’t the most convenient option for the child concerned.

The Solution:
Working in partnership with the Physical & Sensory Support Service (PSS) offered by Surrey County Council, Diane specified a platform lift which would enable physically impaired students, staff and visitors to navigate between the buildings more comfortably. The PSS recommended Evolifts who, following an initial site visit, supplied and installed an Evo 200 Inclined Platform Stairlift.

Designed to be used on virtually any staircase, the Evo 200 Inclined Platform Stairlift is a high quality, safe and economical solution for a wide variety of situations. It’s discreet too, as the platform folds away neatly when not in use – important in this situation so as not to impede other students’ mobility. Standard features include a slip-resistant platform surface, easy to use tactile controls and automatic safety stop if travel is obstructed.

Installation was carried out on a single day whilst the school was open. This is possible because there are virtually no building works required; simply a provision for electrics.

The Result:
Diane Welch said: “I had never procured a platform lift before but the process was easy with the help of the Physical Support Service who guided me to the right supplier. Evolifts were absolutely brilliant and I would recommend them to anyone looking to improve their accessibility. I started the process at the beginning of February 2011 and the project was complete one month later. The Evolifts team were in touch all the time and were fast to respond throughout.

Perhaps more importantly, our student is delighted with the end result. With adult supervision, he is able to use the lift himself and it means he can get to the dining hall and assembly hall so much more easily. Since we installed the lift, we have already found that it has opened up access for adults and other children too so we are much better equipped for the future.”

Steve Coak, Managing Director at Evo Platform Lifts, said: “Epsom Downs required a fast and simple solution to their accessibility problem. This is an excellent example of how platform lifts often provide the best value for money when compared to a passenger lift. Our Evo 200 lift is effective in many similar situations because it’s designed to traverse straight, curved and spiral staircases and turn corners smoothly and safely providing a discreet and easy to install solution where space, time and money are tight.”

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