EVO Goes Micro!

Added on 02 August 2010

Evo Lifts is delighted to announce two additions to its portfolio to provide a complete service lift solution – the Evo Microlift 50 and the Evo Microlift 100. Perfect for a wide variety of catering, retail and leisure environments, this is the solution where goods or large quantities of materials need to be transported between floors on a regular basis, be it food for service, stock movements, laundry service, or books and documentation. Fitting a service lift will help business owners comply with health and safety legislation protecting staff from the dangers of heavy lifting, whilst improving operational efficiencies. In catering environments, it’s sure to delight customers too, by speeding up delivery times!

The Evo Microlift is a free-standing, fully automatic lift which is both easy and economical to install and operate. It’s flexible too, with travel to a maximum of 36 metres and 12 stops with up to three entrances on each floor. ‘Lift Arrival’, ‘Lift Occupied’ and ‘Lift Position’ indicators, along with call and despatch controls are fitted at each entrance along with an audible lift arrival buzzer if required.

Robust in construction and fitted with a high quality, extremely reliable motor mechanism as standard, maintenance and running costs are minimal. What’s more installation is usually extremely straight forward too because the Evo Microlift is completely self-contained. It requires no separate motor room or load bearing shaft which means that very little building work is required in order to fit.

With two load capacity options – 50kg and 100kg – the Evo Microlift is available from stock for fast delivery and installation.

Steve Coak, Managing Director of Evo Lifts, commented: “We have been searching for a suitably high quality product to add to our product portfolio to meet demand for this type of lift so I’m delighted to be able to bring the Evo Microlift to market. It offers outstanding value for money and real operational advantages for businesses of all sizes.”

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