EVO500S Screw & Nut Platform Lift

EVO500S Screw & Nut Platform Lift

The EVO500S Platform Lift, manufactured in Sweden, offers unrivalled performance with a screw & nut drive system, providing a smooth, comfortable & quiet ride up to 13 metres for internal applications. With little disruption to existing buildings and minimal builders work for new projects along with ease of use to the end user, it makes this lift an ideal choice for architects, main contractors & specifiers.

For changes in level up to 3 metres with a half-height enclosure or a multi-stop unit with up to 13 metres of travel, alternative platform sizes and options offer unrivalled flexibility.

The EVO500S Platform Lift is designed & engineered to precision standards offering high reliability and low running & maintenance costs upholding Sweden's renowned reputation for quality engineered products.

  • Smooth, comfortable, fast and quiet drive system
  • Industry leading short delivery times
  • Manufactured in Sweden, with renowned quality
  • Economical & self-contained, requiring no separate shaft or external machine room
  • Extensive range of platform sizes and configurations available
  • Low headroom requirements
  • Shallow pit or fixed ramp
  • Extra wide landing doors available
  • Virtually no building work, the EVO500S is an economical & easy lift to install
  • Open protocol control system offering low maintenance and running costs

Made in Sweden



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