EVO1000S Platform Goods Lift 1000kg

EVO1000S Platform Goods Lift 1000kg

The EVO1000S Platform Goods Lift, is one of the largest and most powerful models in the Evolifts range and is manufactured in Sweden. It is a cost effective solution for the transportation of heavy goods between floors. Flexible and robust, it can travel up to a maximum height of 13m with up to 5 landing doors on any of the 3 non-machine sides.

Suitable for use in commercial buildings, sport arenas, factories, warehouses and restaurants due to its versatility.

The EVO1000S Platform Goods Lift is certified to carry goods & passengers. The range of large platforms & extra wide doors make this lift an ideal solution for lifting heavy goods, with easy access for pallet trucks & Euro-pallets.

  • Smooth, fast and quiet drive system
  • Industry leading short delivery times
  • Manufactured in Sweden, with renowned quality
  • Economical & self-contained, requiring no separate shaft or external machine room
  • Extensive range of large platform sizes and configurations available
  • Low headroom requirements
  • Shallow pit or fixed ramp
  • Extra wide glazed landing doors
  • Suitable for Euro-pallets
  • Virtually no building work, the EVO1000S is an economical & easy lift to install
  • Open protocol control system offering low maintenance and running costs

Made in Sweden


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