Aritco 9000 Platform Lift with Cabin
Our platform lift with cabin and automatic run

Aritco 9000 Platform Lift with Cabin

The Aritco 9000 platform lift with cabin incorporating one-touch car controls is designed to meet all requirements for quality, safety and service. It is a perfect fit for tough and demanding environments such as schools, shops and all commercial type buildings.

With the car being fully enclosed on three sides and the use of automatic folding bus-type cabin doors, passenger safety is always guaranteed.

A wide range of accessories and finishes, make the Aritco 9000 platform lift with cabin the ideal choice for architects, specifiers and end users alike.

EVO Lifts is one of the longest established suppliers of commercial platform lifts so you can be assured that you're in good hands. Check out our gallery of Aritco 9000 projects.

Benefits of the Aritco 9000 Platform lifts with cabin

  • Cabin control - One-touch car controls for easy use for those with impaired mobility
  • Flexible with travel distance between 2150mm and 13000mm and up to 6 stops
  • A Rated energy consumption
  • 2 cabin sizes available
  • Rated load is 400kg / 5 persons or a wheelchair with/without attendant
  • Requires minimal space due to its clever design
  • Comprehensive range of cabin finishes available
  • Available with fully glazed or 1hr fire rated landing doors
  • Approved for passenger and freight transports
  • Complies with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and applicable parts of EN81-41
  • The lowest maintenance and operating costs on the market
  • 95% recyclable materials
  • Patented screw/nut technology (no oil that can leak)

Brochure and Specifications

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