Aritco 7000 Flexi Platform Lift

Aritco 7000 Flexi Platform Lift

Aritco 7000 – Flexi

Aritco 7000 – Flexi is a version of the Aritco 7000 lift that is intended for both persons and goods. A risk assessment has been conducted to assess the additional risk that will come when using the platform for both persons as well as for goods. Measures to reduce these risks have been taken and they are now implemented for Aritco 7000 - Flexi. The following are included when ordering an Aritco 7000 – Flexi:

• Platform with safety edge painted in yellow (RAL 1018).

• Platform with security edge mounted behind the platform faceplate painted in yellow (RAL 1018). Valid when having a half height wall.

• Loading information label - warning sign placed on the platform panel.

• User manual is updated with the Aritco 7000 – Flexi option and its informs the user of where to place the goods and what size of goods that can be transported with the lift.

• Certificate for persons and goods.

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